It all started on the 15th of March, 2020. Aqua had just gotten the news that association evenings were not an option anymore, so our commissioner fleet decided to take it upon himself to think of a fun new activity for the association: An Aqua spin on the classic game "werewolves of Millers Hollow", which he called The Aqua Murder Mystery, a game which solely takes place on Whatsapp. There is one group chat in which everyone can discuss, a separate one for the werewolves, and everyone can talk to the game leader, whom we call "God" on private chat.

On the evening of the 19th of March, the first game began. We played short rounds with days and nights lasting about 15-20 minutes. We played two games, which lasted about 2,5 hours each. I don't think I've ever spent 5 hours being this concentrated on my phone. I was hooked. The players pressured Guus to start a new game, but this time it would last longer. In the next game, a day in a game of werewolves was a day in real life. This meant that players did not have to be too concentrated on their phone for 5 hours, but they could talk a bit during the day and still get other stuff done. However, this did not stop me. I took this as a sign that I could the Whatsapp group about theories for the entire day. I did this all throughout the first game, and it was frustrating for other players :). Imagine leaving your phone for an hour to do something actually productive, then coming back with 300 messages in one Whatsapp group, of which 150 are from one crazy guy who is taking the game way too seriously. This crazy guy is also supposed to be the chairman of your association, and you start to lose a little bit of faith in the board. On the first week, I spent 43 hours on Whatsapp. I can assure you that this time was not spent talking to family or friends. I was a crazy werewolf who needed to win a game and I was not afraid to lose my social life over it. 

After that game was over, which the werewolves sadly did not win, I only felt emptiness. Nothing could fill this void that werewolves left. I was craving for another game. On the 7th of April, another one started. Before playing, I had told myself to be a bit less active. This game was not the only thing in my life, I was actually following four courses during that period. I was actually really behind on one of them. It was either being actively playing werewolves, or studying. Naturally, I dropped a course, instead of actually taking some responsibility. With three courses I had to pass, I definitely had some time for werewolves. I was fine, and in this game, I wasn't a werewolf, so I would probably be less active in the game. Well, I was wrong. I was filled with a passion to rid the earth of these werewolves, one by one, I needed to survive and the only way to do it was to say goodbye to a healthy amount of screen time. I won that game, but what did it cost? I still had not done any studying, which should have been a priority. Luckily for me, no more games were played in that period.

However, last weekend, another game started. I was ready to feed my passion once again, but a lot of people decided not to play. They decided to study instead. They had seen what an active game of werewolves could do to a person, they had seen what it had done to me. I applaud their decision to sit this one out, they were smarter than I could ever be. We played a game with 8 people, which was a lot of fun anyway. It also did not take too long, which meant it was a lot healthier. Luckily for me and for every other member at Aqua, this was not the last game. I've heard some talks about starting another game in the summer, and I am all for it. See you in the summer!