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Hello everyone!

This year organizing a Sinterklees party is a lot harder than previous years, but the Walcie has come up with a plan that we're pretty excited about to still make sure everyone can get a nice present and we can celebrate the holiday together.

So the plan is this: All participants will receive a card (in the mailbox) before the 26th of November. On this card, it will say who you will have to buy a present for and their current address. Then you will have one week to buy this person a (nice) present (budget €10) and on the 3rd of December, you deliver this to their house. To make sure everyone can receive and give a present, the group of participants will be divided in 2. Group 1 will make sure they are home from 17:45 until 18:15 on Thursday 3rd of December and during that time Group 2 will aim to deliver their gifts at 18:00 to Group 1's houses. After that, it switches around, so Group 1 will deliver their gifts at 18:30 and Group 2 will make sure to be home between 18:15 and 18:45. At 19:00 we will all gather online in Discord where we will open the presents together. 

So, to be clear, Group 1 delivers their gift at 18:30 and Group 2 will deliver their gift at 18:00. The timeslots were made the account for any delays or travel issues, but please aim to deliver the gift at these times and do not open the gift until we meet together on discord.

To allow enough time for the buying of presents and making and delivering of cards the deadline for this event has been set on Monday 23rd of November at 12:00.

We will take travel time into account for delivering your gift, the Walcie will assume everyone will be able to deliver by bike. If this is not the case, please mention this in the comment during registration, Whatsapp one of the members of the Walcie or ask in the Aqua Whatsapp group.

You will need to be home during your given timeslot. If you cannot be home or deliver your present during the given time you will not be able to participate in the gift exchange. 

If you do not know the person on your card please contact the Walcie and we will help you come up with gift ideas. It is not possible to switch to a different person once the division has been made.

We are very excited about this event and hope that, despite the restrictions, we will still be able to have a nice celebration together.


See you then!

Lots of luvs, The Walcie


Detail overview:

26th of Nov:

Check your mailbox for the card with gift details

3rd of Dec:

Be available from 17:45

Group 1: 17:45 - 18:15: Stay at home

                 18:30: Deliver gift

Group 2: 18:00: Deliver gift

                 18:15 - 18:45: Stay at home

19:00: Gather on discord and open presents together 

Event Properties

Event Date 03-12-2020 17:45
Event End Date 03-12-2020 23:00
Capacity Unlimited
Registered 25
Cut off date 23-11-2020 12:00
Individual Price Free
This event will take place online. Please see the event description on how to get access.
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