Genosea is an association that organises sailing trips at sea for its members. Genosea sails on the Wad, North Sea, the English Channel, German Bight, England, Scotland and even near Spitsbergen!

Sea sailing is a fun, active sport with many challenges and variety. Always a different port, the weather, the tide and the feeling of freedom make sea sailing a fantastic experience.

Genosea would like to meet the new generation of sailors!

That is why they offer empty spots on the published tours “last minute” with a 95% discount to their student members. As a participating student, you only pay to the common fund. This is for purchasing, paying port fees, diesel and any accidental damage. Fortunately, the latter rarely happens.

This way you can get acquainted with sailing at sea for little cost. The sailing experience of members varies from novice sailors to experienced sailors. What binds all members is a passion for sea sailing. Thus, sailing experience is not necessary and everyone is welcome!

For more information about Genosea take a look at their website: