It all started during the Summer Sailing Week of 2013. A select group of Aqua members decided to sleep together on a boat. The reason for this was that Laurens had to stay an extra night in Akkrum at the end of the SSW and some company is always fun. Chantal and Eline had already agreed to stay the extra night with Laurens, so there was one spot left on the extra-night boat. The devision of people over the boats is a precise business, you want to spend the week on your boat with people of similar mind as yourself. Thus came the idea for three types of boats: the -boat: clam, good nights sleep, fit for sailing the next day, the +/-boat: join some of the parties, and the +boat: party until early in the morning, get up late and sail until late in the day. Erwin liked the last type of boat and thus the original PLUSboat was formed.