On the 18th of April, four Aqua members found it strange that there was a society just for ladies, but not one for the boys. This was considered (slightly) unfair, especially since the number of men within Aqua had grown quite a bit over the last year and a half. A new society would be estalished, specifically for the boys of Aqua.

The would-be founding fathers created a WhatsApp group and a plan was put into motion: wait about two months before you really start to do anything with it. After those two months, the idea was revived and actually put into practice. A name was thought up, along with a slogan, a logo, a society Drink and a board. All Aqua-men were then digitally gathered and presented with the idea to create an men-only society. To make double sure who would actually become a member of the society, the Premium Membership was introduced. With everything ready, the last thing to do was to call out a GMA in order to officially vote in the new society as a part of Aqua. On the historic day of the 9th of June, this dream became reality. The society was presented to the GMA and officially voted in as a part of Aqua. Rhenus Pater was born.

The result is a society where are the men of Aqua can freely come together to worship the god of the Rhine and enjoy the bounties He brings us all (mostly in form of wine and good times). A place where the members coudl enjoy campfires, drinks and any other activities that would be planned by the new board. How many of those there are going to be is still unsure, because we have to live up to our motto: Ambitiose sed ineptum or 'Ambitious but rubbish'; a callback to the times when the ambition for the society was there, but the execution was sorely lacking.

Are you interested in joining the ranks of Rhenus Pater? Do you consider yourself a man? That the Premium Membership is only minutes away! We do not have any official means of communication, so your best bet is to either send a message in the general appgroup, or tackle one of the members!

Stay Ambitious!

Regards from the Founding Fathers: Guus, Thijs, Jelle & Steven


It all started during the Summer Sailing Week of 2013. A select group of Aqua members decided to sleep together on a boat. The reason for this was that Laurens had to stay an extra night in Akkrum at the end of the SSW and some company is always fun. Chantal and Eline had already agreed to stay the extra night with Laurens, so there was one spot left on the extra-night boat. The devision of people over the boats is a precise business, you want to spend the week on your boat with people of similar mind as yourself. Thus came the idea for three types of boats: the -boat: clam, good nights sleep, fit for sailing the next day, the +/-boat: join some of the parties, and the +boat: party until early in the morning, get up late and sail until late in the day. Erwin liked the last type of boat and thus the original PLUSboat was formed.


Since October 2018 WSZV has 3 types of subgroups within the association: years (jaarlagen), societies (genootschappen) and "disputen". A year consists of all new members from the same academic year. They usually name themselves and organize one activity during their first year. 


2013 - #Zeilfie
2017 - Reefknuttels
2018 - The Hozers
2019 - De Strakke Fokkers
2020 - 


A society consists of a group of members with a specific characteristic.



A dispuut consist of a group of members (and alumni), has a specific characteristic and is generally known within the association.

On a dark night, 12-11-2018, a young group of women decided it was time for the next step. They had already formed a (secret) "committee" a few months prior, to collect all the gossip within Aqua and discuss it while enjoying a (specialty) beer. The next step would be to form a sorority for all the Aqua and Sterk Water women who enjoyed a (specialty) beer and could talk the night away with each other. So we went looking for women who were also interested. In the months that followed, we were frequently found in a bar, but there were more activities. For example, almost every Monday we joined Aquafit as real #fitgirls, but not before braving the waterslide of course, and we can often be found on a squash court in the Bongerd. Aside from the sports and drinks there was also plenty of time for al sorts of other activities!

After four months the time finally came and our request to become and official sorority was approved at the GMA of the 12th of March 2019! Of course we're not going to start sitting on our hands now, but we will continue with all the previously mentioned activities. Furthermore, you can expects us to organize at least one activity per year for all Aqua members. Would you like to join us or are you interested? Then talk to one of our members and join one of our activities!

'Cetero censeo birrum bibendum esse!' - Ladies of Rumoribus

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