Last Saturday, Aqua was invited to a special event of the waterscouting: the official opening of the sailing season! The entire association (which includes Aqua) came together for a whole day of nautical fun and games. With everyone, we played a smuggling game where the kids had to get floofy balls from the harbour to the drop-off post. In the meantime, Gaos to stop them by throwing footballs into their sails. We acted as 'neutral' pirates, meaning that everyone was our enemy! When we boarded a boat, they had to return to their own starting post and try again.

The wind was pretty severe, with gusts reaching 5 or even 6 beaufort, which meant some intense sailing. We thought it very brave that the WS let the kids sail with this wind, but everything went okay! That is, no one got hurt. There were some serious damages after the game had finished. A few broken lines, a tiller broken off and worst of all: the mainsail of the Aegir ripper clean through from back to front! Fortunately, no one was hurt and we managed to get the sail down quickly. With the jib still up, we scrambled back to the harbour to pack up and assess the damage. Even though we could not find a fault in the sail, it was still way beyond repair at this point. Thanks to the Waterscouting, we could replace the sail right away with a backup sail they had stored somewhere, so we can still head out on the Rhine!

We spend the rest of the day hanging out on one of the tugboats of the WS, taking pictures and even driving it for a bit (go, Merel!). Despite our adventures and heart-breaking damages, the weather was great and the mood greater, so overall we had a pretty great day!