On the 18th of April, four Aqua members found it strange that there was a society just for ladies, but not one for the boys. This was considered (slightly) unfair, especially since the number of men within Aqua had grown quite a bit over the last year and a half. A new society would be estalished, specifically for the boys of Aqua.

The would-be founding fathers created a WhatsApp group and a plan was put into motion: wait about two months before you really start to do anything with it. After those two months, the idea was revived and actually put into practice. A name was thought up, along with a slogan, a logo, a society Drink and a board. All Aqua-men were then digitally gathered and presented with the idea to create an men-only society. To make double sure who would actually become a member of the society, the Premium Membership was introduced. With everything ready, the last thing to do was to call out a GMA in order to officially vote in the new society as a part of Aqua. On the historic day of the 9th of June, this dream became reality. The society was presented to the GMA and officially voted in as a part of Aqua. Rhenus Pater was born.

The result is a society where are the men of Aqua can freely come together to worship the god of the Rhine and enjoy the bounties He brings us all (mostly in form of wine and good times). A place where the members coudl enjoy campfires, drinks and any other activities that would be planned by the new board. How many of those there are going to be is still unsure, because we have to live up to our motto: Ambitiose sed ineptum or 'Ambitious but rubbish'; a callback to the times when the ambition for the society was there, but the execution was sorely lacking.

Are you interested in joining the ranks of Rhenus Pater? Do you consider yourself a man? Then the Premium Membership is only minutes away! We do not have any official means of communication, so your best bet is to either send a message in the general appgroup, or tackle one of the members!

Stay Ambitious!

Regards from the Founding Fathers: Guus, Thijs, Jelle & Steven