Association nights

Every Thursday evening there is an association night starting at 17.30. It depends on the time of the year what is on the planning for an association night but there will always be dinner together. In the spring, summer, and autumn we go sailing and in winter time we do some maintenance on the boats.

Sailing weekends

During the year there are several sailing weekends are organised. The ZeilCie committee organises all those weekends. In September the annual Introduction weekend will take place, during this weekend we sail with valken in Friesland and we will also sleep on the boats, so this is really a weekend on the water. In October the Storm weekend will take place, this weekend we will also sail in on the Valks, but we will not sleep on the boats since this will be too cold.

The year will start with a weekend in April, this weekend we will sail on small cabin boats, with the people who joined the spring introduction weekend. In the time left between the small cabin boat weekend and the summer break, there will be training weekends, the BRIO, the Café Race and some other weekends. The summer break always starts with a Summer Sailing Week in Friesland, during the summer sailing week we will be on the boats for a week, which means that we will also sleep on the valken.

Sailing matches

Since 2018 Aqua is participating in the Nestor Trophy team sailing. This consists of 6 team sailing matches a year. Team sailing is different from fleet racing, which we normally do. Next to this we particpate in other (student) sailing matches like the Dutch Student Championships and 'het ZOK'

Trainings and Skipper system

To make all the sailing at Aqua possible we have the Skipperscouncil, the Skipperscouncil is the committee that makes sure that there is always someone who has the ability to sail a boat. They give the training and can decide whether someone is ready to become a skipper. 

There are three disciplines at Aqua: Valk, Dinghy and Lelievlet. To become a skipper in any discipline, you need to be approved by 2 existing skippers in that discipline. For the Lelievlet, you need the approval in both rowing and sailing and you need to have passed both a certified Keelboat III theory and certified practical exam by an external examinator.

When you are a skipper you are allowed take a boat with you on your own and are able to give trainings. You will also automatically become a member of the committee the Skippers council.