Dear members, former members and potential members,

We would hereby like to inform you what it is we, as the Walcie, do and what it entails to be a member of this awesome committee. First, the name "Walcie" stands for the Duthc "Wal commissie", translated "Shore committee". We organize activities on the shore in the building of the Waterscouting ("at the WS") and during the sailing weekends. Since a lot of our activities aren't done annually we can let our imagination run wild most of the time. Some events such as Sinterklaaz and the New Years dinner are annual, but everything else is open to anything we want. We organize lots of different things such as beer tastings, murder games, carnaval, game nights and dinners. We are a very fun committee and we are always looking for enthusiastic new members! We have meetings about once every period to plan new activities and evaluate the past activities (and sometimes we watch Teletubbies if we're done early). Does it seem like fun to you to become a part of the Walcie en to help keep Aqua a fun and awesome association? Then send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or talk to one of our members during an association night!