On the first evening we all arrived at the harbour of Anja rental in Grou. We picked where we wanted to sleep on the cabin boats and then enjoyed us some broodje knakworst and soup. When it started raining we went into the cabins and played (drinking)games with the ambiance of far away lightning. This meant of course Weerwolven and telling horror stories accompanied by vibe enhancing music.

Luckily Maaike found out there were extra planks and cushions in the toilets of the boats to make comfy sleeping places from the couches. Sleeping together in the cabins was very cosy: some were spooning, others were unaware of putting their hand on their sleeppartners’ butt while sleeping ⯑.
By dawn, Guus had already decided that these cabinboats would be his new favourite boat because there’s so much storage space and sleeping is so comfy.. Thus far his loyalty to our beloved lelievletten ⯑.
The next morning we started off fresh and fruity with breakfast and ‘sailed’ (there was almost no wind) out in the sun to the Sneekermeer where we had lunch on the island Eva, next to Adam (both recently saved from drowning). Lisanne spotted a hottie with a Spongebob shirt on another boat, so she was in need of Spongebob pickup lines. However, no contact was made as the guy had lunch on Adam and swimming from Eva to Adam in your Eva suit and in the cold water didn’t appear to be the best option. However, we met Lachakari on Eva and some of their people did go swimming with Joep and Michiel. Their red heads and blue lips confirmed the low temperature of the water ⯑.
After lunch we kept on floating for a bit in the sun and then wind started coming! But that also meant rain. Our ‘pussyboat’ with skipper Jelle went in a straight line and partly by motor to Terherne where we would be sleeping that night. We were comfy and dry ⯑. The other boats took their chances happily and sailed for hours in the rain but finally with nice wind. When the last boat came back everyone was soaked. Luckily we had a shed on shore where we made tea and a campfire, hung our soaked clothes to dry in the smoke and/or nearly in the fire. Afterwards we had nice and hot lentil curry for dinner! Some people went for a sightseeing walk on the ‘Schippers van de Kameleon’ and did some sports on a sporting playground in Terherne. Joep and Merith got married at the church in the village and Rodin set sails to watch the sunset with a group on the Sneekermeer. We ended the night by a.o. painting nails and playing games on the boats.
Sunday would have been a rainy day but it was sunny and we had a lot of wind! So a lot of nice sailing happened with skewed boats (Lisanne almost fell overboard once haha) even though we had a reef in the main sail. Joep was channelling his inner Moana and Pirates of the Carribean tunes were played. It was a vibe! Then we had lunch at Starteiland where we met Loefbijter, made flowercrowns, layed down and did some gymnastics. Afterwards we had to quickly go back to Grou to pack our luggage and clean the boats. Cheddar almsot fell into the questionable harbor waters ⯑ but luckily he was saved by Aletta. Of course a group picture was taken (when Lisanne’s pants teared) and then the train group was brought safely to the trainstation while it just then started raining. Joep played piano on the railway station and some people going by car closed the weekend off with some McDonald’s food.
TLDR; it was awesome and we had a lot of fun! ❤