Sometimes you have to spend money on things for Aqua, like groceries, decorations or deposits for activities. If this is ever the case, it is important that you declare your costs so you can get reimbursed. You need to have proof of your costs, like a receipt or an invoice in order to get your money back; otherwise the KasCo cannot be certain that you spend your money on things meant for the association.

You can declare your costs in one of two ways. The easiest way is to go to and declare your costs on the website. You do need to make an account which is connected to Aqua in order to do so. You can create an account by using this link. Make sure to add a clear description of your costs and a picture of the receipt or invoice.

The second way is to fill in a declaration form and send it to the board. This is only meant for costs involving cooking on a regular association night. All other costs should be declared through WeDeclare. You can find the reimbursement form here.

In order for your declaration to be valid, it must be handed in within three months of the purchases in order for it to be valid. If you are not on time with your declaration, you will not get your money back, so make sure you are on time!