Here you can find a number of documents useful for boat maintenance, including the instruction book.

Boat Maintenance - The Complete Guide1.24 MiB

Inspection Checklist Lelievlet51.14 KiB

At 12.00 (noon) today the subscription for the Lustrum will open!⯑⯑

Some "rules":

- Maximum capacity for the trip is 26 people.

- Maximum of 13 people on the trip can be Sterk Water.

- First come first serve

- Your registration/purchase is not processed until you finish and send the form (so fill it in quickly!!)

- You can buy a package or loose activity, you can also buy loose activities in addition to your package (you can select multiple).


Via this link, you can get to the Google form where you have to subscribe.


We hope to see all of you at the Lustrum!

Love, the LuCo